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No compromise on quality. We guarantee you the best service. We work with a professional team that is constantly trained to perform competently all your device repairs.


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We always have the original parts in stock. We give 12 months warranty on most of our repair work.


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While enjoying a cup of coffee, we repair your mobile phone or other device in our store. Most repairs are done while you wait. Within half an hour, you get back your device.

Making ones own dreams turn into reality is not too much to ask for. With the advent of an advanced technology more people want the best products, especially, the electronic items for themselves. The tough part comes in when you have to find a really decent supplier who would fulfill all your requirements, whether you are looking for computers and accessories or mobiles and accessories. For instance, finding a Computerwinkels Hasselt is not and easy task. Moreover, just finding a computer store wouldn't help you much since your life doesn't just comprise of computers and its anciliary parts. You need mobile phones, androids, tablets and iPads or Iphone devices.

Similarly, buying electronic devices from electronic shops in  Hasselt or in Antwerpen wouldn't help you either, and you would need to locate a store that comprehensively features a relatively huge stock of electronic devices and their accessories or anciliary parts.

This is where MMStore has made its presence felt in Hasselt and Antwerpen as one of the reputed brands as Apple iPhones, gsm, android phone, smartphone, laptop or ipad device supplier in both  Hasselt and Antwerpen. We at MMstore take pride in communicating that whether you are looking for a brand new smartphone devices or iphone repairs in Hasselt / Antwerpen, we have the best solutions crafted just for you.

Still looking for that perfect camera brand with that exclusive range of megapixels to make your photography dream come true. Come to MMstore for a little trip and we are sure you will love our collection. Our exotic selection of Apple iPhones and Android phones such as Samsung  is a sheer treat for the ardent gadget lovers and we guarantee that you will get thinking about the color that will suit you best.

We all want branded smartphone devices, but most people have to give up on their dreams as these devices don't really come cheap and if you haven't been saving considerably you cannot seem to afford these equipments but with all your worries are taken care of in terms of goedkoop smartphone.

The modern devices featuring a complex jargon of sophisticated technology and highly functional circuitry works have every chance of being damaged if they are not handled with proper care.

For instance using a touch screen mobile or iphone device doesn't mean that you necessarily have torture the device and your fingers as well in an attempt to prove yourself to be tech savvy.

However most people ignore these aspects and end up exhausting their devices before time. Whether you are searching for iPhone repair Hasselt (iPhone reparatie Hasselt) or iPhone repair Antwerpen (iPhone reparatie Antwerpen) or simple ipad screen repair in Hasselt / Antwerpen, MMSTORE.BE is invariably your best and most trusted choice for electronic gadget repair store.

Our expertise in repair works extend to iphone repair (iPhone reparatie) and smartphone repair works and we ensure complete professionalism when it comes to timely delivery of products and items to your doorstep. If you have a tablet or an Apple iPhone that's damaged and other service providers have already given up, then its time you let our professionals try their hands and we guarantee effective and positive results.

Our repair works for the branded smartphone devices and a a wide array of other equipments are done by our experts who ensure that your devices gain a new lease of life after they are repaired. Enjoy online shopping and gadget repair services with us just at few clicks of your mouse.




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MMSTORE Chat System